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M&L Electronics was formed in 1992 as a technical spin-off from Pioneer Europe. One of the main goals was to convert standard products and integrate them into new audiovisual and multimedia designs to meet the personal requirements of the customers.

Massive price erosion within the audio-visual market made us pursue new business. Our focus moved towards optimising existing energy parcels. By the use of ultracapacitors, we introduce in our projects, energy systems with high standards of durability, quality, and higher efficiency. In 2000, we took on a new challenge: custom-made designs of AC & DC energy systems (total solutions) such as hybrid vehicle systems. We also see a future in product development of unique systems utilizing solar, wind or hydrogen energy coupled with the efficiencies of the latest technologies.

Since 2004 M&L Electronics became the exclusive Belgian distributor of the ‘compit’ line of products. with compit products we offer first-class quality in rechargeable batteries, battery charges, adaptors and lights.

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